Voice of San Diego, the innovative nonprofit news organization, is seeking an investigative reporter.

    We want an experienced journalist who embraces new ways to tell stories online.

    Please apply if you have a skepticism of authority and a fierce willingness to challenge systems in local government, education and other major institutions in San Diego. The writer will root out waste, explain complex concepts and systems in an engaging way, challenge assumptions and have a passion for the promise that journalism and information can help a community improve its quality of life, support good government and kick-start social progress.

    Please send links to past work, your work history or a link to your website, along with a letter about why you’d make a good fit, to No calls please.

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      Written by Sara Libby

      Sara Libby is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. You can reach her at or 619.325.0526.

      Jim Jones
      Jim Jones subscriber

      You left out "Must believe that Sarah Palin is the Antichrist."

      Gaby Dow
      Gaby Dow subscriber

      I hope to see more in-depth investigative work moving forward. The impact your work has on a community cannot be understated.

      Joe Jones
      Joe Jones subscriber

      Oh, goodness. Did Comrade Sarah ring up The Onion to write a job description? I can't wait to see how many "experienced" reporters will "embrace new ways to tell stories online." I guess the OLD way of writing stories online (a discipline that apparently goes back to the dawn of journalism, circa the mid-90s) is dated. Those nouns, adverbs, adjectives and facts checks are SO yesterday. And, while you're at it Experienced New Reporter, let's make sure that each "investigation" yields some kick-started "social progress," ok? If you have questions as to what constitutes social progress, see Sarah. She'll query the Comintern and get back to you. Good luck, and may everyone all win equally!


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