A federal prosecutor Friday morning gave the first clue to the biggest unanswered question in the campaign finance scandal that rocked San Diego politics this week: What did the wealthy Mexican national who allegedly conspired to illegally funnel $500,000 to San Diego elections want?

The foreign national, believed to be Jose Susumo Azano Matsura, wanted to develop San Diego’s bayfront and turn the city into “Miami West,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Perry said in court.

Azano talked about the plan with a candidate, believed to be Bob Filner, prosecutors allege. Filner told Azano the city didn’t have jurisdiction over the bayfront, but he would try to hold up the massive Navy Broadway complex development so Azano could gain control of the project, prosecutors said. (Neither Azano nor Filner has been named in the federal complaints, but enough information was provided to identify them both.)

Prosecutors didn’t indicate when the request was made. Filner has not been accused of any wrongdoing, nor has Azano been charged with any crimes as part of the scandal.

This disclosure fits interestingly with what we’ve already reported about the connection between Filner and Azano, and the controversy over Navy Broadway, already one of San Diego’s biggest long-running development dramas.

What We Know About Filner and Azano’s Development Discussions

Filner and Azano met at Azano’s palatial Coronado estate during the thick of the 2012 mayoral campaign on Aug. 17, and just weeks before federal prosecutors allege Azano dumped an illegal $340,000 into the race to boost Filner. A source who witnessed the meeting told me fundraising wasn’t discussed there.

We Stand Up for You. Will You Stand Up for Us?

But the source did say Filner and Azano talked about possible development projects along the bayfront, public-private partnerships and other general ideas for San Diego. The source said there was nothing strange, illegal or immoral about the discussion.

“If you’re looking for dirt at that meeting, it didn’t happen,” the source told me.

That said, the source told me lobbyist Marco Polo Cortes and former San Diego Police detective Ernesto Encinas brought up Azano funding an independent expenditure for Filner multiple times after the meeting. It’s illegal for foreign nationals to donate money to American campaigns. Cortes and Encinas have both been charged in the scheme.

The source’s account was supported by entries from Filner’s campaign calendar, which we independently obtained. We don’t know of any subsequent meetings between Filner and Azano, but the calendar does list a walking fundraiser with Cortes and Encinas on Sept. 1. The source also witnessed that meeting.

What We Know About Navy Broadway

If you follow San Diego politics at all, Navy Broadway should ring a bell. Here’s how Scott Lewis described it:

The Navy Broadway Complex is quite possibly the ugliest thing about San Diego. Sure, uglier, more depressing places exist. But not on public land with so much potential and value.

The buildings look like embarrassing relics of a failed civilization. They’re forbidding, completely inaccessible and right smack dab in front of our beautiful bay — a place where we welcome tourists and supposedly will stroll with our skipping children. Right now, homeless San Diegans camp out in front of the chain-link fence surrounding it.

Years ago, the Navy decided to give the responsibility for revamping the 15 acres of land to waterfront developer and U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester through a 99-year lease. Manchester’s plan includes building a new Navy headquarters with hotels, offices and retail around it. But the development’s gone nowhere amid numerous legal challenges and financing problems.

Filner has long been one of the biggest opponents of the Navy Broadway development, and of Manchester himself.

In 2009, Filner called for an FBI investigation of the Navy Broadway project. He said the Navy gave the wrong impression about geologic studies for the development, calling it “possible fraud.” During the mayoral campaign, Filner ran an entire television ad blasting the Manchester’s links to then-rival Carl DeMaio.

In short, the idea that Filner would want someone else to develop Navy Broadway is neither new nor shocking.

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    Written by Liam Dillon

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    bob dorn
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    I'm getting the message it was Filner who was behind the skullduggery at the harbor, not Douglas Manchester, who would gain enough money to rise to Koch status if he were to have his way, and not Bonnie Dumanis who, after all is a Republican who couldn't get elected mayor and help Manchester have his way. Phew! I'm glad it wasn't the Republicans behind this scheme.


    I would like to know why US Attorney Laura Duffy has decided to excuse herself from this case. Is it because of her relationship with Bonnie Dumanis? Or doses she have a relationship with another interested party? I don't believe any reporter has asked this question or reported the answer. I would like to know!

    La Playa Heritage
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    A game changer for the Navy Broadway Complex (NBC) is Governor Jerrry Brown's FY-2015 Budget which includes an annual $1.5 Million Increase to fund mapping of active faults by the State Geologist John Parrish.


    "Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed increasing funds to the California Geological Survey to allow about half a dozen staff members to continue mapping. State geologist John Parrish estimated it would take them six to 10 years to finish the task. If Brown's new funds are not approved and the office is left with only one person mapping, Parrish estimated it would take 300 years. That's too long to wait."


    San Diego Bay's Port Master Plan (PMP) and the Navy Broadway Complex (NBC) are next on the list for full fault investigations by the State.

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