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Former San Diego City Council President Tony Young is no longer working at the San Diego-Imperial Counties Red Cross.

Local board members were notified of Young’s departure Thursday by the national organization, said Aimee Faucett, a Red Cross board member and executive at the local Chamber of Commerce. Board members were provided no other information, Faucett said.

Young, a Democrat, served as a council member from 2005 to 2013, representing southeastern San Diego communities. He spent his last two years as council president before resigning to take the job at the Red Cross. Young was named co-chairman of incoming Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s transition team Feb. 14. A Faulconer spokesman confirmed Young remained in that role.

Update: We reached Young by phone. He said, “This is not a performance issue, It’s an opinion issue. There was a difference of opinion.”

Update: The Red Cross confirmed Young’s departure in a statement Friday afternoon: “Like many organizations the Red Cross considers personnel matters private and we do not comment on the reasons why someone has left the organization.  Mr. Young has been the regional chapter CEO for approximately 14 months.  We thank him for his service to the Red Cross and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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    Eddie Vedder
    Eddie Vedder subscriber

    Too bad about Tony Young. Had he just sat tight as City Council Prez instead of quitting to run the local Red Cross, he would have been perfectly situated to become interim Mayor after the Bob Filner debacle. With the mostly good buzz he had as a local pol, Tony Y. would have had an excellent springboard to run officially for Mayor--a job that his pal Kevin Faulconer just won. Ain't life strange?

    Kristen Aliotti
    Kristen Aliotti subscriber

    Now maybe he can put "Harvard certificate" to work, networking with his fellow "graduates." City taxpayers paid thousands $$ for him to spend a month in Cambridge, Mass. at the JFK school program, just in time for him to resign a short time later.

    Kristen Aliotti
    Kristen Aliotti subscriber

    Maybe they thought he had inappropriately politicized the Red Cross, which he definitely DID. No place for a Red Cross CEO to be, endorsing in local races.

    Kristen Aliotti
    Kristen Aliotti subscriber

    Maybe they thought he had politicized the office inappropriately, which he definitely did. No place for a Red Cross CEO to be endorsing in local campaigns. Dumb.

    Chris Brewster
    Chris Brewster subscribermember

    Ms. Aliotti: Who did he endorse while ARC CEO?

    BonnieDaMantis subscriber

    @Chris Brewster  from the article...  "Young was named co-chairman of incoming Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s transition team Feb. 14."

    Matty Azure
    Matty Azure subscriber

    The Red Cross is hiring.


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    Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson

    He is on KF's transition team. Is he going to work in the Mayors office?

    Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    There's only so much you can rip off from non profits. Government is were the big $s are available for the corrupt

    James Weber
    James Weber subscriber

    Are you accusing Tony of corruption?  Show me the proof.

    Ali Seaton
    Ali Seaton

    Probably going to work for the Mayors Office.