On Saturday mornings, if you’re in the courtyard in the middle of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, you can hear the strains of an orchestra, practicing. It’s the Sinfonia ensemble, part of the San Diego Youth Symphony. And if you get there before the rehearsal starts, you’re likely to cross paths with all manner of young musicians heaving instrument cases inside.

We’ve introduced you to one of them, Marcos Espinosa. Espinosa crosses the border on Saturday mornings from his home in Tijuana to play percussion in the Sinfonia.

Espinosa put together 20 photographic slides to tell the story of his interest in music, his non-music day job, why he comes to Balboa Park every week and why he finds Tijuana beautiful. He shared them at our Meeting of the Minds event last week. Watch his presentation here:

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We’re posting videos of all of the presentations, filmed by our partners at the Media Arts Center San Diego:

• Maren Dougherty introduces us to 20 little-known people in the park.

• Jose Ysea sheds light on the now-defunct landfill in one of the park’s canyons.

• Marlene Williams guides us through her big backyard: Balboa Park.

• Ruth Hayward relives the process of creating bronze sculptures of several of the park’s earliest cheerleaders.

(The Youth Symphony recently pointed out that you can attend and listen to their rehearsals all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoons at the Casa del Prado, even if you don’t know anyone in the orchestra.)

I’m Kelly Bennett, reporter for Voice of San Diego. You can reach me directly at kelly.bennett@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.325.0531.

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    Written by Kelly Bennett

    Kelly Bennett is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. You can reach her directly at kelly@vosd.org.

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