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    Image: falseStatement: “We’re the only country in the world that does this — have your child [on American soil] and that child becomes a citizen,” County Supervisor Bill Horn said on the KPBS program These Days on May 6.

    Determination: False

    Analysis: Horn appeared on KPBS last week for a roundtable discussion with the four men challenging him for re-election. Much of the conversation focused on immigration issues and the supervisors’ advocacy for stricter policies.

    Arguing to support his position, Horn asserted, falsely, that the country’s citizenship policies are unlike any other nation. Specifically, he implied that no other country grants citizenship to those born on their soil even if their parents are illegal immigrants.

    In fact, many countries grant citizenship by soil, rather than blood or some other requirement. Among those countries with laws similar to the United States are Canada, Mexico and most Latin American nations.

    “I was mistaken,” Horn said over the phone Monday, after we asked him to review the statement. “I was in a debate.”

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      Written by Summer Polacek

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