Couple of things:

  • This is an important and moving series. Take the time to read it if you can. Randy Dotinga is a talented writer and it’s an honor to have him publish it here.
  • The wife has been on fire lately with these cartoons. Check them out — some of her smartest work yet. She did just get a job though. We’ll see if the volunteer drawing continues. I’ll sharpen up on my guilt-trip skills.
  • I was remiss not to point out that the well-organized and good debate I moderated last night for the District 7 candidates was put on by the Tierrasanta Community Council. There were 150 people there. Nice.
  • I tried listening to the Union-Tribune’s Bob Kittle, today on SignOnRadio where he hosted City Attorney Mike Aguirre. But I got pulled away. Any thoughts or reports? The topic was Aguirre’s obstruction of an infrastructure bond. I haven’t followed that as well as I should but it’s worth noting that it’s rather unfortunate that the city should have to borrow money to pay for routine maintenance of city streets. I remember my father telling me never to put groceries on my credit card. He said the debt would always stick around in some form and I would always be behind.
  • I never did. Though that’s probably more luck than anything.


    This article relates to: Opinion, Scott Lewis on Politics

    Written by K Hernandez

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