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SANDAG knew a year before the 2004 election that TransNet wouldn’t collect $14 billion, but it didn’t tell voters. This is now the third instance in which SANDAG either knowingly overstated how much money it could collect to pay for transportation projects, or understated how much projects would cost to complete.

The city wants to purchase a hotel near Imperial Beach to convert into a transitional housing facility. But the state’s Coastal Commission has said the project runs the risk of violating its requirement that cities preserve cheap hotel rooms near the beach. City Councilman David Alvarez alerted the agency to the project, which is in his district.

Six years ago, Jesus Gandara resigned as the superintendent of the Sweetwater school district following a series of stories of malfeasance and corruption. An investigation by the District Attorney into the period eventually landed convictions of bribery and conspiracy. It was, for good reason, a high profile story throughout the county, and reporter Ashly McGlone […]

I’m going to break one of my rules, and quote “Anchorman” regarding something happening in San Diego. That escalated quickly. Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a series of budget cuts Friday aimed at the districts represented by Council members who earlier this week stymied his wishes to hold a special election in November. In a veto […]

Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s veto and cuts to specific Council district budgets send a clear message. But it’s still not at all clear that he’ll prevail in holding his special election, which is up for a vote on Monday. Here are a few things to watch as that unfolds.