Andrew Keatts

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The effort to create a comfortable, organized bus terminal amid the chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border is not going well. On top of unexpected expenses and the terminal’s shortcomings, MTS is locked in a bitter dispute with the owner of the property next to the terminal. A judge tentatively sided with the property owner last week.

A handful of powerful city leaders from both sides of the aisle met Friday morning, renewing negotiations for tax increases to expand the Convention Center and create new revenue sources to address the city’s homelessness and affordable housing crises.

California’s deadliest hepatitis A outbreak in 20 years has claimed the lives of 11 people in San Diego. The virus disproportionately affects homeless people, because it spreads person-to-person and people living on the streets without easy access to basic amenities like restrooms struggle to maintain typical hygiene standards. Despite that, a public restroom in the […]