Catherine Green

Catherine Green is deputy editor at Voice of San Diego. She handles daily operations while helping to plan new long-term projects. You can contact her directly at or 619.550.5668. Follow her on Twitter: @c_s_green.

Sacramento’s been watching San Diego, and it likes what it sees – at least when it comes to Joint Power Agreements, dockside fisherman’s markets and widespread voting-by-mail. In this week’s Sacramento Report, Sara Libby rounds up a just-signed law and a couple bills that were inspired by programs here in San Diego. It was a busy week, […]

As Mario Koran read through the widely shared New York Times story on the San Diego Police Department’s use of facial recognition software, one phrase in particular jumped out to him (emphasis ours): Here, beat cops, detectives and even school police officers have been using hand-held devices to create a vast database of tens of […]

If you’ve paid attention to any development news in town (like, say, a massively expensive proposed Chargers stadium, to be paid for in part by the average San Diegan’s taxes), you’ve likely seen the acronym CEQA thrown around. This is the California Environmental Quality Act, a state law that requires developers to examine the environmental […]

A huge piece of the debate around building a new stadium has boiled down to dollars and cents – and sense. That is, does it make any for San Diego to invest an obscene amount of money to appease a team with one foot (or both feet) out the door? Some of that investment would likely come […]