Christie Ritter

Christie Ritter is a freelance writer for Voice of San Diego, author of four books and a former newspaper reporter. She is a graduate of Clairemont High, UCLA and SDSU. You can email her at, or follow her on Twitter: @swisscritter.

San Diego Unified has its hands full helping students adjust to new graduation requirements as well as a spate of other new systems: On top of the new A-G requirements, students are working with new Common Core curriculum and tests. A new SAT test is looming, too.

One thing is clear a year into Marten’s tenure: Running a struggling elementary school is a lot easier than leading a bureaucracy with 13,000 employees, 132,000 students and 226 schools.

The district went on a listening tour before drafting a plan for how it will approach the state’s new local funding measure. But parents and stakeholders say that instead of incorporating that feedback, the district simply rehashed its existing Vision 2020 plan.