Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at randydotinga@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/rdotinga

Nonprofits are accustomed to raising money through donations and grants. In many cases, the goal is to keep the doors open and the services provided without changing direction. Now, a new approach is gaining steam, reports our Lisa Halverstadt. “A growing movement wants to see more nonprofits pitching ideas to potential backers, pursuing money-making ventures […]

One day when the rain came in February 2014, an employee at National City’s A-1 Alloys Recycling Center went out and got a sample of rainwater and sent it for testing, as state water pollution laws require. It came back reporting a too-high level of copper. Then the environmental attorneys descended. The recycling center’s owner […]

Yesterday, we told you about how the state’s water pollution rules are a disaster of California-sized proportions: “The state doesn’t know how many unpermitted businesses are out there or how much damage they’re doing.” Now, the second part in our three-part series looks at who’s minding the store. Turns out that “a private police force […]

The year 2016 left us aghast, agape and agog, and not just on the national front. Local politicians, gadflies and other folks said the most amazing things over the past year. Enjoy the following look back at a stogie-obsessed congressman, a councilwoman who screamed on stage, a pizza-prone president-elect and more.