Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at randydotinga@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/rdotinga

We’ve known for a while that SANDAG, a powerful coalition of local governments, was coming in way short on a previous tax increase and botched its projections of income from a ballot measure. Elected officials on the SANDAG board now want some answers. Several are calling for an independent investigation. In emails sent in response to […]

The governor and other state leaders have sure tried to make it sound like California is a sanctuary state for unauthorized immigrants. The governor sure makes it sound that way. And both San Diego city and the county appear on lists of sanctuary cities. The reality, argues our Scott Lewis, is that the very idea […]

Just last year, California voters approved allowing local school districts to borrow $28 billion for various projects. Local governments borrowed even more for other projects. Taxpayers, of course, will pay the money back. Who’s minding the store to make sure the money is spent as promised? Watchdog groups are supposed to, but a new report […]

San Diego County has long faced criticisms that it doesn’t do enough to help the vulnerable populations it serves. Last year, county leaders took a step toward addressing that charge by announcing Project One for All, an ambitious project to move 1,250 seriously mentally ill homeless people into apartments. As our Lisa Halverstadt reports, “the county’s […]