In San Diego and throughout Southern California, blacks are much more likely than people of other races to be the victims of violent crime. In a Q-and-A, L.A. Times reporter Jill Leovy, author of a new book on urban crime, says solving old murders deters people from taking the law into their own hands.

Blurry lines separate the mayor’s charity from his political dealings, district attorney is missing the point, San Diego ranks low-ish on income-equality, threats besiege schools and zoo pelican pair isn’t a pretty picture.

As the frenzy over the Chargers’ threats to leave town hit a new peak, Petco Park has come up a lot. How was the city able to pull that off? VOSD’s Lisa Halverstadt takes a look-see and comes up with “5 Lessons from the Padres’ Stadium Push.” Among them: Padres leadership commanded respect — we’ll […]

Official impasse for teachers and district, S.D. operas galore, the Salton Sea’s ‘Big Burp’ and paging Miss Manners! Pick up the white courtesy phone.

In a victory for free-speech advocates and community members who rallied against a guilt-by-association prosecution, a judge yesterday threw out charges against two high-profile targets of the district attorney’s office: A rapper and a man who were linked by things they sang and posted on the internet to a local gang. The gang is alleged […]

Over the past 13 years, the city of San Diego has spent $15 million to update 12 neighborhood blueprints known as community plans. So how many are done and adopted? One. It may not entirely be the city’s fault. One of them, for Barrio Logan, met a bitter end when business-led opponents threw it out […]




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