Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at randydotinga@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/rdotinga

As San Diego Unified promotes its upcoming expansion of preschool, it’s doing something unexpected: closing preschools. As our Mario Koran reports, “three of the district’s 12 child development centers, preschools intended for parents who work or attend school, are closing this week. The district is also closing one preschool that’s open to all families who […]

Plenty of things divide the two candidates who are running for the seat on the County Board of Supervisors that covers much of coastal North County. Dave Roberts is the Democratic incumbent and Kristin Gaspar is the Republican mayor of Encinitas. But they do share one thing. They’re not taking a position on a big issue before county […]

The official ballot statement in support the Chargers initiative — to build a new stadium/convention center expansion in downtown — makes a bold claim: It “would relieve existing obligations at Qualcomm Stadium that are currently paid out of the general fund totaling $15 million per year.” The statement was signed by five supporters including former Mayor […]

Here’s a problem: A new football stadium downtown could jolt surrounding neighborhoods, turning them into hot spots with higher rents. The Chargers think they have this figured out. They’re wooing labor unions with an unusual (and non-binding) promise: If they get a stadium built, they’ll fight to keep housing costs low in the neighboring communities […]

Section 8 housing vouchers are supposed to give needy people access to places to live. But these days, they’re mainly giving people anxiety instead of a path to a better future. “Housing vouchers are a critical tool for housing low-income individuals and families,” reports Maya Srikrishnan. “But in San Diego, where the housing market is becoming […]

East Village is hot. The downtown neighborhood has transformed into a hotspot for sports fans and bookworms, families and hipsters, builders and businesses. But much of East Village’s grit remains, and so does something else: The ever-present homeless people who either wander the streets or settle into tents on the sidewalk. But there weren’t always […]