Lisa Halverstadt

Lisa writes about nonprofits and local progress in addressing causes like homelessness and Balboa Park’s needs. She welcomes story tips and questions. Contact her directly at or 619.325.0528.

VOSD’s debuting a new feature known as Storyboard, which features stories from teachers, parents, students and experts that offer insight on ways improve the education system for multilingual families and students learning English. Mario Koran explained the effort here. Our first passage comes from VOSD contributor Jocelyn Moran, an SDSU journalism student. She opens up about […]

Project One for All, the county’s commitment to house 1,250 of the most vulnerable homeless San Diegans, has helped get dozens off the streets and drawn praise from even some of the most skeptical local advocates. But the much-celebrated initiative has hit some snags in its early months. Confusion has sometimes plagued its implementation.

Pension debts are skyrocketing again years after a pension crisis sent city leaders into a tailspin. New reports reveal city and county pension fund deficits have surged 90 percent in two years, reaching nearly $7 billion– even despite a slew of reforms, Ashly McGlone reports. The reasons: longer life expectancies, poor market gains and across-the-board […]

Nonprofits typically rely on donors and grants, which keeps them busy sustaining what they’re already doing rather than trying out new tacks. But a growing movement wants to see more nonprofits pitching ideas to potential backers, pursuing money-making ventures aimed at addressing social problems and seeking investment in ways a startup might.