Maya Srikrishnan

Maya Srikrishnan is a reporter for Voice of San Diego. She writes about K-12 education with a focus on equity. She can be reached at

Once the Chargers decided to leave San Diego, local sports media faced months of shock, uncertainty and debate about their business models. We’ve been wondering if sports radio and newspapers would still treat the team like the home team. The answer is yes, writes VOSD contributor Dallas McLaughlin. The ratings are there. No matter what people may say […]

The stark differences in facilities proposed for Earl Warren Middle School in Solana Beach felt like blatant discrimination to some parents of students in an adult transition program on campus. Many of them say the problems extend beyond just buildings.

Unforeseen issues drove the cost to overhaul Encanto Elementary 30 percent over budget. The project’s contractor was facing financial problems at the same time of the cost increases; but the district is adamant that there’s no link between the company’s issues and the cost overruns.

Two San Diego influencers are tired of waiting for city leaders to do something about homelessness. Padres managing partner Peter Seidler and restauranteur Dan Shea announced they are prepared to buy tents to temporarily house hundreds now sleeping on the street, reports VOSD’s Lisa Halverstadt. The city just needs to provide land, and they need contracts with […]