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If ever a housing development was ripe to cut down on parking spaces, it would be National City’s Paradise Creek. Yet a push from the city to reduce parking spaces for the development never got off the ground. The struggle reveals one of the region’s biggest challenges when it comes to providing affordable housing and encouraging the use of public transit.

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed claims SANDAG’s proposed ballot measure favors public transportation projects in the city of San Diego, at the expense of North County. His statement misses a broader point fundamental to regional transportation planning: North County residents don’t live in bubbles.

If voter registration advantages ever translate into Election Day victories, Democrats and Republicans will each have two seats on the County’s Board of Supervisors. The coastal District 3 would then be where the fight for control over the body will play out. And this year, we have a preview of what those contests might be like.

Sometimes when you plug “Balboa Park” into your phone’s GPS, you’ll end up in trails around Morley Field. Sometimes you’ll end up near the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. Sometimes you’ll end up at The Prado restaurant. Even for people who help run the park, getting there for the first time can be remarkably confusing. […]

You remember King Stahlman, yes? Well, meet his son. Randy Dotinga sat down with George Stahlmman III at his North Park office where his staff’s professionalism present a different face from the bail bond industry of the past. It’s still a shady business, though, Stahlman said. “Before, the seediness was the outside appearance of the bail bond […]

With its decision to have voters weigh in on Lilac Hills Ranch, a sprawling housing project in Valley Center, the project’s developers don’t just see a more viable path to approval – they also see a way around many of the issues that have long dogged the project.


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