Ry Rivard

Ry Rivard is a reporter for Voice of San Diego. He writes about water and land use. You can reach him at ry.rivard@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.550.5665.

The outside investigation into SANDAG’s forecasting scandal came out late Monday night, and it included a shocking revelation. SANDAG officials instructed staffers to delete documents to make sure they wouldn’t come up in a public records request, in the days just after Voice of San Diego broke the news that Measure A would likely raise […]

The city of San Diego is starting a program to recycle Styrofoam, but unlike other recycling programs, it’ll actually lose money. But officials worry people will recycle too much foam – because the more the program works, the more money the city loses. A company that makes Styrofoam has spent thousands lobbying the city to start the recycling program.

San Diego Unified is overwhelmed by troubles. But Superintendent Cindy Marten is unwilling to publicly confront the problems that parents and students have to deal with every day. That’s Scott Lewis’ conclusion in a new column that takes stock of Unified and what ails it. The list of head-scratches and scandals is staggering. The school system’s financials don’t […]

At very least, an appellate court ruling this week is a momentary setback for the San Diego County Water Authority at crucial time in California water policy and politics. The Water Authority has two major decisions to make by the end of the year and the ruling plays some part in each of them.