Sara Libby

Sara Libby is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. You can reach her at or 619.325.0526.

When I was a student at USC, people would wear shirts around campus that said, “At USC we’re not snobs, we’re just better than you.” Annoying? Asbolutely. But it was a way of embracing and throwing critics’ “University of Spoiled Children” taunts back in their faces. This is newly relevant, as a certain smug Easterner […]

Back during the special mayoral race in 2013, I noticed a common thread among some of the photos being shared by different candidates to promote their campaigns. They were all dudes. Like, a lot of dudes.   San Diego’s lifeguards endorse @NathanFletcher for mayor. — Rachel Laing (@RachelLaing) September 6, 2013 So in the […]

Assemblyman Rocky Chavez has a big fight on his hands: the race to become California’s next senator. But he still had some time this week to scrap with local legislators. In an op-ed for us, Chavez explains his objection to a bill written by another San Diego legislator, Assemblywoman Shirley Weber. The bill, which requires […]



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