Sara Libby

Sara Libby is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. You can reach her at or 619.325.0526.

Not long after she began as superintendent of San Diego Unified, Cindy Marten created the Quality Assurance Office. The thinking was that the new office could be an accountability hub where parents and district staffers could have complaints thoroughly investigated if they believed they’d been treated unfairly. But how that office operates and its effectiveness […]

I set an alarm on my phone this past Thursday for 9:58 a.m. Then I went to the California Supreme Court website, and waited, for this. In the decision, the justices unanimously ruled that communications regarding public business are public records that can be accessed by the public – even if they happen on private […]

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is open to new taxes and fees for transportation and is supportive of state Sen. Toni Atkins’ plan to create a permanent source of money for affordable housing. The Chamber took a delegation of about 80 San Diego business leaders and politicians, including seven of the nine San […]

You’ve probably heard by now that Republican congressmen across the country have tried to wave off their increasingly vocal constituents by arguing that any folks who want to engage with them face to face are paid protesters, and therefore, illegitimate. It is, of course, absurd on its face. America itself was birthed from angry protesters. […]

The saga involving the San Diego Association of Governments can get convoluted pretty quickly. First, there’s the fact that SANDAG is not too familiar to many people. Then there’s the fact that the scandal centers on some complex stuff, namely economic forecasts and what goes into them. The fundamental issue at hand, though, is not complex: A powerful government agency knowingly misled the public. And that’s worth understanding.