Sara Libby

Sara Libby is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. You can reach her at or 619.325.0526.

It’s a rare problem in Sacramento – or anywhere – when legislators agree too much on an issue. But that’s what’s happening, in a way, when it comes to the long list of bills being offered in the Legislature this session that address human trafficking, including measures from several members of the San Diego delegation. […]

Any day now, we should be learning the results of the annual effort to tally the region’s homeless population, the point-in-time count. Though the count produces just a snapshot of the county’s homeless problem, federal funding to combat homelessness is tied to the tally. But there are two important populations consistently underrepresented in that count, freelance […]

Over the last year, city leaders have told us over and over that the hurdles to building a stadium downtown were high. It’d “increase costs by hundreds of millions” and “take years longer” than building in Mission Valley. At the top of the concern was the fact that multiple owners would need to cough up land for […]

When I first graduated from journalism school, I had dreams of becoming an op-ed writer. The only problem: Those folks tended to be experts on something — they had PhDs in history, or decades of reporting under their belts. I had a bachelor’s degree and some hustle. The then-editorial director at the Los Angeles Times became […]


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