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Sara Libby

Sara Libby is VOSD’s managing editor. She oversees VOSD’s newsroom and its content. You can reach her at or 619.325.0526.

Journalists often joke that they know they’re doing a good job when they piss off everyone equally. But the truth is pissing off sources or story subjects is never a goal; only an occasional, unavoidable byproduct. Some wary folks might sneer at the idea that journalists don’t set out to anger people, but consider this: […]

It feels too small and inadequate to say it, but: It sure is a strange time to be a journalist in America. The election has stirred up a lot of anxiety for journalists everywhere. There is, obviously, the fact that national journalists got this election so very wrong. There are the threats President-elect Trump has […]

I’m not kidding you, Brian Jones is leaving the Legislature. When I first started writing the Sacramento Report, I did a whirlwind cram session on San Diego’s state legislators and eventually came across Jones’ “Are You Kidding Me?” video series, in which he expresses outrage on everything from realignment to drought policies. They’re like a wonkier (and […]