Sara Libby

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In a debate this week, the city attorney candidates revisited an explosive 2014 case in which the city attorney’s office argued a victim was at fault in her own sexual assault. Mara Elliott initially said if the city’s claim was true, “it needed to be stated,” but later said the city’s argument was inappropriate and that victim-blaming is never OK.

There are 150 different ways to be mad about the Donald Trump tape. But the particular mad I’m feeling as I write this is like a Hulk-ified version of how I feel when my husband says, “We should try this new restaurant my coworker told me about” even though I too have told him about […]

If you’ve seen the commercials for Measure C, the Chargers’ plan to build a convadium, the pitch to voters is that it’s “about more than football”: Former Mayor Jerry Sanders says the stadium will bring jobs and civic pride with it, too. But the pitch the Chargers are making to city leaders behind closed doors is […]