Scott Lewis

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Some children are already behind their peers when they set foot in kindergarten, setting them up for an uphill climb that could last years. some of our children are not ready for them. It’s not just a wealthy versus poor gap, either. Even the most resourceful parents confront a bewildering array of options — and lack of options — for early childcare and preschool.

Now that the Chargers’ plan for a downtown stadium has made the November ballot, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith must do a legal analysis of the measure. That’s a problem, since no one is certain whether the measure needs a simple majority, or a two-thirds majority to pass. The California Supreme Court is set to weigh in on the issue, but that might not happen until after the vote.

As someone who has overseen accountability reporting and investigative journalism about police, I just wanted to say something about this week. Police officers have a difficult job that can turn violent and terrifying. Over the years, I have met many who are good to their core. I am heartbroken for the families who lost loved […]