Both candidates in the District 3 race for the County Board of Supervisors say they’ll make it a priority to address homelessness. Organizations working in the district say the programs Dave Roberts and Kristin Gaspar have been pursuing are helpful, but that the Board of Supervisors could do a lot more to combat the issue.

Proposition 51, a statewide ballot measure, is being billed as a $9 billion school bond project that will fix leaky roofs and remove asbestos from classrooms. Those priorities were also front and center in the ballot language for Prop. Z, a local bond passed in 2012. Tens of millions in Prop. Z money has also been spent on stadiums. Prop. 51 funds could also be used to fund stadiums, the state Legislative Analyst’s Office told us.

Some Mission Bay Park supporters worry Measure J, a city ballot measure meant to expedite regional park projects, could slow investment there and open the door to more commercial development. Staffers for Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who’s pushing the measure, say neither is true.

Bilingual students may be San Diego’s greatest natural resource. More than one in five students in San Diego County speaks another language at home. This group, 80 percent of them native Spanish speakers, will soon be the base of the local workforce. At a time when a growing number of employers is looking for bilingual professionals, […]

San Diego Gas and Electric’s push to build a $600 million natural gas pipeline across the county is drawing wariness from environmentalists, ratepayer advocates and even other utilities who question whether a big new line is needed and suggest the gas company has undisclosed motivations for building it.