With the legal challenge to the plan renewed, an absent financial backer and two naysayers vying to represent District 3 on the City Council, the future of the potentially revived Jacobs plan is still murky at best.

Data shows that a large chunk of short-term rentals in San Diego are run by big companies, not individual owners. Proponents of a ban on non-owner-occupied short-term rentals say that’s a formula for disaster. Those companies say it’s just the opposite: Unlike individual operators, they have the resources to police problem tenants.

Each month, VOSD editors, reporters and staff travel to different locations in San Diego County to discuss the issues. Hosted by CEO Scott Lewis, our Member Coffee events provide an environment for our readers to share their thoughts and ideas about San Diego, and give us feedback on our coverage. On Thursday, we hosted July’s Member […]

Four years ago, San Diego Unified unveiled plans for 80 solar installments around the district. Only about half were ever built, and the district has reaped less savings than it expected as a result. Despite its struggles with solar so far, the district is preparing to ramp up its solar footprint with a major investment of bond funds.


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