Though the precise number of San Diego Unified employees actually laid off remains elusive, new numbers show overall employee ranks dropped by 857 from June 30 to Sept. 20, for a 6 percent decrease this school year. The number of people employed by the district was on the rise before the latest cuts were made, even though the student population was declining, district records show.

The hepatitis A outbreak has renewed interest in the bacteria-filled San Diego River. The county has called downtown a “fecally contaminated environment.” A congressman has sounded the alarm about local waterways. And an image problem has arisen again, like in the 1980s when there so much sewage running into Mission Bay its beaches were closed a quarter of the time.

Ex San Ysidro superintendent Manuel Paul received $211,000 in severance pay when he resigned in 2013, after being indicted in a corruption case, as well as $80,000 in leave pay. If all goes well for the district, Paul will pay that back, plus damages and attorney fees.

San Diego Unified spokespeople have publicly denied that students were counseled out of district schools. But documents obtained through a California Public Records Act request show that between fall 2012 and fall 2016, school staff members recommended students find a new high school on at least 238 occasions.