Patricia Gándara, co-director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, rejects the framing offered by those who oppose Prop. 58, a statewide ballot measure that would make it easier to open bilingual education programs. High graduation rates and learning multiple languages are not mutually exclusive, she says.

East Village is in a moment of massive transition. While the neighborhood’s quickly gentrifying and new people and businesses are moving in, the homeless population is also peaking. The tension between those two camps is on full public view at Fault Line Park.

The great convadium debate is heated. The sparks really started flying when, in an op-ed, San Diego architect Rob Quigley called the Chargers “entertainers, not urban planners” whose plan for a downtown stadium and convention center annex would cause an “irreversible and unprecedented planning disaster.” Chargers adviser Fred Maas fired back with an op-ed of his own. He called […]

When Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced he’d be heading up the statewide campaign to oppose Proposition 57, a criminal sentencing reform measure, it took some folks by surprise. Faulconer secured two big contributions from San Diego supporters but has been less successful in winning support from the communities most impacted by over-incarceration.