Ten years ago, San Diego water officials predicted demand for water would rise dramatically. Instead, the 1-2 punch of the recession and drought means San Diegans are using far less water than expected. The latest projections show the Water Authority now expects San Diego customers will keep saving water. Of course, lower demand doesn’t mean lower prices — those are expected to keep going up.

A $2.85 billion multi-part project, branded Pure Water, is hoping to use wastewater to start producing 30 million gallons a day of drinkable water within the next six years. That’s two years sooner and twice as much water as envisioned just months ago. East County and North County officials have their own projects in the works.

Water agency leaders are now questioning whether giving rebates to people and businesses who switch to drought-resistant lawns is a good use of funds. The program might not save that much water, they say – and in the meantime, it’s subsidizing rich people.

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