The mayor’s use of his veto power to restore special election funding and take a shot at opponents was a power move that could change the politics of city budgets for years to come. And it was only the latest of many such moves provoked by novel interpretations of, and actual changes to, the City Charter.

In 2010, for some reason, then-Mayor Jerry Sanders refused to re-appoint Gil Cabrera to the city’s Ethics Commission. Cabrera still doesn’t know why, he said this week in a one-on-one conversation with me about his run for city attorney. Cabrera is the second candidate to sit down with me. Last week I talked with Mara […]

San Diego officials are talking about lots of ballot propositions lately – some are around the corner, and some are years away. Here’s your guide.

It was easy for the city to make a big show of celebrating Peggy Shannon, who was harassed by Bob Filner and didn’t ask for any financial compensation. But the city’s treatment of Jane Doe, who’s suing over her encounter with a rogue cop, reveals a much different attitude toward victims.

Tech entrepreneur Kelly Abbott is our special guest on the extended podcast. He’s got some big news, and he’s pledged the share the wealth. Plus, more on the hot-button affordable housing fee increase, and weasely words in the race for mayor.