City officials shut down The Glashaus in Barrio Logan this month due to fire and safety concerns and code compliance issues. Artists who rent studios in the space were given 30 days to move out, and they’re struggling to find a place to go. The issue has come to head at a time when there’s less affordable art studio space in San Diego than ever.

There’s been an uptick in art projects happening at the border now that President Donald Trump is in office. With so much attention on the border, it’s worth taking a quick look at some of the art that’s attempted to tackle the prickly issues surrounding it. Here are 20 instances of gutsy, controversial art that has explored the border.

It’s easy to dismiss the two shiny balls installed at the recently opened Fault Line Park in East Village as yet another silly or simplistic public art project by the city of San Diego. But Christine Jones, the Commission for Arts and Culture’s new public art program manager, makes a strong case that they’re something […]