Lee Burdick, who served as former Mayor Bob Filner’s chief of staff, offers her own account of why she joined the mayor’s team and stuck in the role as things came crashing down. Since Filner’s implosion, Burdick says her career has suffered from guilt by association. “I’m angry that I am no longer being evaluated – or even valued – based on my own merit,” she writes.

It was easy for the city to make a big show of celebrating Peggy Shannon, who was harassed by Bob Filner and didn’t ask for any financial compensation. But the city’s treatment of Jane Doe, who’s suing over her encounter with a rogue cop, reveals a much different attitude toward victims.

A federal prosecutor gave the first clue Friday to the biggest unanswered question in the campaign finance scandal: What did the wealthy Mexican national who allegedly conspired to illegally fund San Diego elections want?

The former police detective who allegedly said he’d funnel campaign cash to a mayoral candidate if he agreed to fire Police Chief Bill Lansdowne met with the top cop a month earlier about a liquor license dispute.

On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney’s office announced charges against two individuals in a complex campaign finance scheme. And the local political and media worlds exploded.

Rep. Juan Vargas doesn’t deny his campaign’s involvement in a campaign finance scandal involving a foreign national and an ex-police officer.