Performance artist Ana Teresa Fernandez has, once again, painted a segment of the border wall blue. If you stand on the beach in Playas and look north, the wall blends almost seamlessly with the sky, as if you could easily walk through the bars and end up in Imperial Beach. Fernandez has performed “Borrando la […]

When First Lady Pat Nixon inaugurated Friendship Park in 1971, she said, “I hope there won’t be a fence here too long.” Instead, the fencing and wire has gotten more intense. But it hasn’t stopped a steady stream of cross-border gardening ventures, yoga classes, prayer services and fleeting pinky touches.

Aaron Gutiérrez Cortes wants to improve Tijuana, so he’s doing it one small project at a time. The Tijuana-based architect, and his firm Amorphica, works on tiny (but profoundly helpful) tweaks to the city’s patchwork infrastructure, such as improving decaying sets of public stairs, creating new materials to build homes from readily available recycled local […]