The city’s Climate Action Plan has won national praise for its ambitious goals and enforcement mechanisms. But when the plan was being written in 2014, city staffers said one of the plan’s main goals wasn’t based on anything and that they didn’t think the city had any real chance of reaching it, according to emails released by the city as part of a public records request.

Sea-level rise could affect what’s on Coronado already, as well as future development and Navy property. Everything from a new city beach bathroom to a new $700 million Navy facility could be impacted. While the Navy has made some preparations of its own for climate change on Coronado, the city itself has not.

City attorney candidate Mara Elliott has walked back a claim that the city’s Climate Action Plan is not legally enforceable. But in the process, she might have revealed just how hard it would be for any group of lawyers and their clients to sue the city and win.