With a trial run for the new Smarter Balanced assessments just months away, San Diego Unified can’t say precisely how many teachers, or how many schools, are fully prepared for the new curriculum.

In a Q-and-A, Paula Cordeiro, dean of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego, dissects the new Common Core standards and what they mean for teachers and students.

San Diego students’ reading and math scores have improved over the last decade, but the data still portrays an urban education system that is leaving many students behind.

The state is rolling out its new plan for divvying up education funds. The gist: The state will give districts more money to pay for needier students who cost more to educate.

San Diego Unified’s new superintendent has pledged to engage the community in a “broad-based conversation” about how to evaluate the district. To help guide that conversation, we developed a new project, Grading Cindy Marten.