It’s been about a year since Mitzi Lizarraga, the well-regarded principal of the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Paradise Hills, left San Diego Unified. In that time, the story of exactly what happened has been muddy and incomplete – but a clearer picture is finally starting to emerge.

Some of San Diego Unified school board president Marne Foster’s strongest assets – her passion and experience as a mother – may also be her biggest shortcomings. Even those who support her admit she makes decisions as a mother without consideration of her position on the school board.

The New York Times paints a creepy picture this week of facial recognition software, a tool used by the San Diego Police Department. San Diego Unified, which has its own police force, uses the tool also. The district says it has only used the software on adults, but there’s no policy outlining the limits of its use, nor have the school board or parents had a chance to weigh in.


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