After being restructured and rebranded three times in the past 20 years, Memorial Prep for Scholars and Athletes, a middle school in Logan Heights, is the San Diego Unified school that parents avoid most. Now, Councilman David Alvarez wants the district to tear the school down and build a new one. The district plans to feel out parents and neighbors.

Coaches and school staff will take additional safety measures at all schools, whether students are injured on the playground, in the gym or on the football field. The move comes after Voice of San Diego revealed a JV football player at La Jolla High suffered a serious brain injury on the field.

Schools often list basic information on their websites, things like bell schedules and generic welcome messages from principals. But, for better or worse, it’s not the kind of consumer-review experience you’d find on Yelp. However, a number of real estate websites are stepping in to fill that void.

In 2014, teachers and parents complained about a charter school principal who micromanaged classrooms, bullied staff and chased away teachers. The district brought in a parent to help quell the chaos. Fast-forward a year, and the same complaints are swirling – only now they’re about the person brought in to fix the problem.


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