Thank you for your coverage of San Diego’s short-term vacation rental issues. Your articles have brought to light many important facts, and yes, I agree the policy-making process has been dysfunctional. I see that changing. Now, the mayor and the City Council agree there is a housing crisis. Low vacancy rates and the resulting higher […]

It was disturbing to come across one particular section of Randy Dotinga’s Morning Report on July 6, especially its incendiary headline (“Local Literary Agent Signs a Killer”), which sensationalizes and oversimplifies the story’s message. The writeup is also misleading, conveying the impression that the author Curtis Dawkins received a six-figure advance, without clarifying that he is […]

In its story on the Housing Commission’s Hotel Churchill renovation, Voice of San Diego omitted key facts, which was a disservice to readers. This project isn’t easy, but the Housing Commission has done the research, and knows the actual conditions and limitations of the building.