In all the debate over Measure A, SANDAG’s proposed sales tax hike to fund transportation, transit and preservation projects, everyone has accepted as a fact the agency’s claim that the measure would bring in $18 billion. The only problem: There’s a good chance it won’t. One reason we know this is because SANDAG’s last sales […]

The owner of a small produce market in National City applied for a permit to sell beer and wine. This simple request has spawned complex consequences. In the months after the application was filed, the request “opened up a world of strange small-town politics and alcohol permitting drama,” reports our Maya Srikrishnan. The woman seeking the […]

At the heart of the fight over a new taxpayer-subsidized stadium and convention center are concerns that city services could be cut if something goes wrong with the Chargers’ preferred plan, which is on the ballot as Measure C. Today, our Lisa Halverstadt explores two competing arguments: Chargers officials and the mayor say their plan is designed […]