In 2013, 26-year-old Robert Lubsen killed himself in a Vista jail. This month, the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board, an independent body tasked with investigating deaths at county detention facility, got around to reviewing whether sheriff’s deputies were at fault for failing to place Lubsenon suicide watch. Despite ligature marks on his neck from a […]

San Diego sits at the southwestern corner of one nation and the northwestern corner of another, a binational hot spot where speaking Spanish can be very helpful for a variety of workers. But while employers often seek bilingual applicants locally, they frequently can’t find them. What’s the problem? “Employers, language experts and teachers point to […]

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher has unveiled the details of her plan to reform SANDAG. But her bill, AB 805, wouldn’t just make changes at the regional planning agency that’s embroiled in a scandal. Voice of San Diego revealed the agency asked the public for a tax increase and wildly overestimated how much money it would bring […]