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The exploding population of homeless people downtown is increasingly getting the attention of downtown hoteliers, whose customers are complaining. Descriptions abound of event planners recoiling at homeless encampments near their event, or of hotel staff repeatedly confronting angry homeless at their front desks. “A manager said a homeless man recently snuck into a conference room and […]

Pacific Beach is already boozy, but plenty of entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the crowds who flock to the neighborhood to drink and let loose would like it to be even boozier. Getting a new liquor license in Pacific Beach, however, is extremely difficult, in part because the neighborhood already has more than its recommended share […]

When we host community meetings, and venture out on assignments, our reporters hear about nothing as much as concerns about homelessness and how much the population seems to be growing. Downtown, homelessness is exploding, and no matter what part of the political spectrum you fall on, it has to be disturbing. East Village is now […]

It has been 10 days but we’re still counting votes. And that matters. The District 3 County Supervisors race remains a toss-up. However, the latest count puts Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar just 15 votes ahead of sitting County Supervisor Dave Roberts. Not only that, it is trending in Gaspar’s direction. Local wonk Barry Jantz crunched the […]