Residents of a new housing development under construction in National City shouldn’t have a hard time getting around without a car. Paradise Creek is close to transit options, and it’s in a dense, walkable neighborhood. The development shouldn’t need a lot of parking – but it’s getting plenty of it anyway, much to the frustration […]

In the ’80s, that game day bowl of guacamole likely included some avocados grown in San Diego. That’s because the region produced about half the state’s avocados back then. Now, according to the latest estimates from the California Avocado Commission, Ventura County is on track to produce about as many avocados as San Diego this year. VOSD’s Ry […]

Something often pops up in city of San Diego elections when they start to hit their climax: schools. You might remember mailers and signs posted by the American Federation of Teachers in 2012 in support of Bob Filner for mayor. The teachers union has no direct interest in the city of San Diego — it doesn’t […]

Last week, city attorney candidate Mara Elliott made waves by declaring that the city’s much-ballyhooed Climate Change Plan wasn’t as iron-clad as people thought. She said residents wouldn’t necessarily be able to sue if the city failed to live up to the plan’s intentions. Elliott is now backing off her claim, VOSD’s Andrew Keatts reports, “but […]

Plenty of folks oppose a proposed tax hike that would fund a plethora of regional transportation related projects. The measure, which will appear on the November ballot, is backed by the San Diego Association of Governments, the regional planning agency. Many of the objections to the plan center on how the estimated $18.2 billion it would raise […]

San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez is in a political battle with an unexpected foe: a labor leader who was once a crucial supporter during Alvarez’s mayoral campaign. That labor leader, Mickey Kasparian of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, is pushing one slate of candidates to serve on the Democratic Party Central Committee […]

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