You may not realize it when you put the black and blue bins by the curb each week, but San Diego has a mightily complicated trash removal system. The city and 11 private haulers serve the city, and their routes often criss-cross — not good for our decaying roads. It might make sense to shrink […]

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s pollster has written that a tax increase for a downtown stadium/convention center combination would have no chance to pass with a required two-thirds vote. But Faulconer believes a tax hike for just the expansion of the existing Convention Center could pass and he’s going to go for it. Our Scott […]

Turns out a tough analysis of dysfunctional management at Poway Unified School District that we got after a public records battle was a lot tougher before we got it. Superintendent John Collins decided to take a red pen to a $40,000 consultant’s report about district tech problems. VOSD’s Ashly McGlone uncovered the superintendent’s significant edits, […]

When San Diego police officer Jonathan McCarthy shot Victor Ortega in a Mira Mesa alley in 2012, McCarthy claimed Ortega had rushed toward him and tried to take his gun. Despite forensic evidence hinting that Ortega was actually on his knees when the shooting occurred, McCarthy has stuck to his story. Kelly Davis reports how […]

The boosters seeking to expand the convention center have easily brushed past concerns that there’s already a glut of convention space nationally. But they’ve had a much harder time fending off legal challenges, and now there’s a new potential obstacle: Condos. The housing market in downtown is healthy, and there’s a possibility that the owners […]

Mario Koran is up today with a profile of Marne Foster, the president of the San Diego Unified School District board. He talked to the former principal of the successful School for Creative and Performance Arts, who says Foster used political muscle to meddle in affairs and end her job at the school. It’s one […]

Sacramento’s been watching San Diego, and it likes what it sees – at least when it comes to Joint Power Agreements, dockside fisherman’s markets and widespread voting-by-mail. In this week’s Sacramento Report, Sara Libby rounds up a just-signed law and a couple bills that were inspired by programs here in San Diego. It was a busy week, […]


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