Heard much about Measure K? You will. Local politicos predict that gobs of money will be dropped on both the campaigns to support and defeat the local measure, which would profoundly change the way San Diego citywide elections work. Measure K would eliminate the possibility of citywide candidates winning outright in the June primary. As our Andrew Keatts reports, […]

This week, San Diego Unified announced it will open up preschool enrollment to the public. Previously, the district offered preschool for free, but only to those who met certain low-income qualifications. The free program is absurdly hard to qualify for. The old requirements to qualify for the program were aimed at serving only the very poorest San Diegans. We […]

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis took the witness stand yesterday in the trial of Jose Susumo Azano, the Mexican national accused of illegally spending over $200,000 to help her failed 2012 mayoral campaign. We were hoping some lingering questions would be answered. But the appearance didn’t amount to much, although it did include Dumanis’ remarkably evasive description of […]