It’s Pride Weekend in San Diego. Our contributor Randy Dotinga dove into some census data to map out where gay families live throughout the county and why it matters. For one thing, where gay residents and families are clustered “affects politics — the heavy LGBT presence in San Diego’s Council District 3 gives the gay community a larger […]

Suspending students has enormous consequences. If a student misbehaves in class, kicking them out for a while certainly doesn’t help their educational careers. Students of color can disproportionately find themselves in the “school-to-prison pipeline” where endless suspensions leave them so alienated, they end up in the illegal economy. New school data now lists suspension rates. […]

San Diego Unified is overwhelmed by troubles. But Superintendent Cindy Marten is unwilling to publicly confront the problems that parents and students have to deal with every day. That’s Scott Lewis’ conclusion in a new column that takes stock of Unified and what ails it. The list of head-scratches and scandals is staggering. The school system’s financials don’t […]