By now you’ve heard about the approximately one bajillion statewide ballot measures facing voters in November. But in a new story, Maya Srikrishnan reports on a slate of local ballot measures up and down the state that could have a major impact on how California leaders address the statewide housing crisis. Gov. Jerry Brown, for […]

As parents, we are often reminded of the importance of getting infants going on their educational track pretty much as soon as they exit the womb. As our Scott Lewis notes in a new essay, for some parents, no matter how well they prepare, kindergarten can be a shock. It’s not just a matter of privilege — […]

Late last month, Horton Plaza owner Westfield changed its parking policy, yanking the downtown mall’s popular free three-hour parking option and replacing it with an hour of complimentary parking. For decades, Lyceum Theatre attendees enjoyed several hours of free parking downtown because of the Horton Plaza policy. But now it’s over. Those who saw a recent blockbuster […]

A plan to overhaul the way vehicle traffic flows through Balboa Park and to add a parking garage has a lot of support, but one group pushing the hardest to get the project done are the many institutions inside Balboa Park itself. “The museums believe all elements – clearing the plazas, increasing parking in the park’s core and […]

When Lincoln High reopened in 2007, students flocked to fill its new $129 million campus. But the school that serves students in many of the neighborhoods in southeastern San Diego soon started slipping. Standardized test scores were low. Staff turnover was high. Enrollment in the school dropped dramatically. In 2014, John Ross stepped in to try […]