Nonprofits are accustomed to raising money through donations and grants. In many cases, the goal is to keep the doors open and the services provided without changing direction. Now, a new approach is gaining steam, reports our Lisa Halverstadt. “A growing movement wants to see more nonprofits pitching ideas to potential backers, pursuing money-making ventures […]

It happened. At just around 8 a.m. Thursday, sports radio hosts and Twitter users no longer had to rely on anonymous sources. And they lost any optimism they had that it wasn’t actually real. They got the words directly from Chargers President Dean Spanos, who wrote that he was moving the team to Los Angeles. […]

San Diego Unified’s budget problems have been in the news. Every time school budgets are in our pages, someone asks about the California Lottery system. Apparently promises about money from the lottery flowing to the schools really made an impression. We decided to finally answer the question of how much money is coming from the lottery […]