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Last week, Mario Koran sat in on the sort of online class that San Diego Unified increasingly relies on to boost its graduation rate. He watched as students brazenly cheated – taking answers from websites where other students had already uploaded tests and quizzes, muting lectures so they could watch Netflix, entering gibberish into short […]

Eighteen federal immigration agents are based at local jails, where they’re allowed access to prisoners 24/7 and can take unauthorized immigrants into custody. “But the days of immigration agents working inside San Diego jails appear numbered,” our Scott Lewis reports. A bill in the state Legislature would evict the agents from our jails, perhaps inadvertently […]

There’s a bevy of voices in the debate over what to do about San Diego’s homeless crisis. A comprehensive regional plan to address the issue is finally in the works. Now leaders just have to get everyone to back it. As VOSD’s Lisa Halverstadt reports, getting all the disparate nonprofits, cities, business interests and advocates to go […]

The city of San Diego worries some of its dams “may be nearing the end of their useful service life.” So, the city is paying an engineer up to $5 million to check out each of those nine dams. If repairs must be made, those can be expensive. The city is already planning to spend nearly $23 […]

You’ve probably heard winter rain in California nearly wiped out the statewide drought, and San Diego has sloshed around in the free water just like every other city. But you wouldn’t know it if you look at our local reservoirs; there sits San Vincente at 77 percent capacity, and over yonder, the dehydrated Lake Morena, which is […]