Tijuana and Los Angeles are renowned for their active arts and culture scene, but couched between the two is the often overlooked, and eternally frustrated, San Diego visual arts community. Kinsee Morlan has been writing about culture in San Diego for years and has heard all the reasons people list when explaining why San Diego’s art […]

Just last year, California voters approved allowing local school districts to borrow $28 billion for various projects. Local governments borrowed even more for other projects. Taxpayers, of course, will pay the money back. Who’s minding the store to make sure the money is spent as promised? Watchdog groups are supposed to, but a new report […]

Nearly 30 projects are planned or under construction in East Village. Some of them are part of a district that developers imagined as a home for innovation, design, education and arts — the IDEA District. Yet many of the projects are displacing the elements it’s meant to embody. Kinsee Morlan describes how the art scene […]

There’s a lot of talk about San Diego’s high housing costs, but the conversation rarely extends to include assisted-living facilities and nursing homes. The ballooning bill for seniors who live in facilities in Southern California is driving an increasing number of them to head to Mexico in search of more affordable care across the border. Voice […]

The California Public Records Act, or CPRA, is a crucial reporting tool for reporters trying to hold government agencies and officials accountable. But sometimes, the only way to enforce it is with a lawyer. VOSD’s Andrew Keatts detailed his 78-day push to obtain internal communications from the San Diego Association of Governments. He had proven that SANDAG was […]

In a clear example of how a President’s words can have immediate impact, Maya Srikrishnan reports on how Donald Trump’s rhetoric on tax policy is already making it harder to get some affordable housing built in San Diego. As the federal government mulls corporate tax rates and “tax reform” efforts, banks are clutching their money until […]