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The specter of federal immigration agents hovering around school campuses is the kind of stuff that gives undocumented immigrants nightmares. Under President Trump’s new policies, there is no “safe” undocumented immigrant, and stories of Immigration and Customs Enforcement taking parents into custody at or around school campuses has a chilling effect on some parents’ willingness to […]

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the Trump administration is zeroing in on Chula Vista and Imperial Beach as high-priority destinations for the new border wall and that the first $1 billion penciled in for that wall would, in part, fund more than a dozen miles of construction along the San Diego-Tijuana border. Officials in Chula […]

The California Public Records Act says public agencies have to release information when journalists or any members of the public ask to see it. There are, of course, some records that are exempt, but sometimes agencies claim those exemptions to keep records secret. Such was the case when San Diego Unified School District withheld certain emails […]

San Diego Unified School District plans to layoff nearly 200 more employees than previously thought, according to union representatives. That’s more than 1,700 layoffs, all told. The new cuts include all 14 library technicians, 16 mental health clinicians, dozens of bus drivers and other non-teaching employees and support staff, according to our Ashly McGlone. “I […]

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced Thursday she will resign in July before her term is finished. This widely anticipated move officially clears the way for Dumanis’ preferred successor, Chief Deputy District Attorney Summer Stephan, to seek (and likely achieve) appointment to the DA job temporarily and run as an incumbent in 2018. Dumanis herself has described this all […]

The San Diego Association of Governments, an umbrella organization that oversees things like regional transportation, is in quite a pickle over its financial forecasting scandal. Its leaders have hired an Orange County firm to investigate how voters were misled about a transportation ballot measure. Our Andrew Keatts digs deeper and finds that “it’s unclear the […]