An investigation into the Sweetwater Union High School District superintendent eventually snowballed into a massive scandal that resulted in convictions for several school leaders and dominated the news for years. Missing from most of those stories was the small, devoted group of parents and community members who set the whole thing in motion.

Author and education expert Ruby Takanishi joins the show to talk about a recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine that examined the most effective ways to educate English-learners.

In this week’s podcast, co-hosts Scott Lewis and Laura Kohn talk more about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and concerns about funneling education funds from traditional public schools into private schools and charter schools. Plus, reporter Mario Koran discusses how online charter schools helped boost San Diego Unified’s graduation rate.

On this week’s podcast, Timothy Brown, assistant professor of neurosciences, at UCSD’s School of Medicine, joined co-hosts Scott Lewis and Laura Kohn to talk about youth brain development, the impact of childhood trauma and technology’s role in brain studies.