I set an alarm on my phone this past Thursday for 9:58 a.m. Then I went to the California Supreme Court website, and waited, for this. In the decision, the justices unanimously ruled that communications regarding public business are public records that can be accessed by the public – even if they happen on private […]

You’ve probably heard by now that Republican congressmen across the country have tried to wave off their increasingly vocal constituents by arguing that any folks who want to engage with them face to face are paid protesters, and therefore, illegitimate. It is, of course, absurd on its face. America itself was birthed from angry protesters. […]

It’s not a secret that President Donald Trump has a strained relationship with the media. But a post this week by Lewis Wallace, a transgender reporter for Marketplace, who says he was fired for writing something that emitted the slightest whiff of opinion, kicked off a new round of media soul-searching about the role of […]

Hear me out, but a storyline on one of my favorite shows, “Teen Mom 2,” felt especially poignant this week. In it, one of the young moms wanted to take her kids on vacation. Since she’s no longer with her children’s father, she had to tell him she wanted to bring their daughter to Mexico. […]