Back in June, a CityLab headline, and a quote within the story, really struck me. The headline said “To Fight Homelessness, Long Beach Turned Meetings Into Action” and within the story was this quote from Steve Be Cotte, president of the Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homelessness: “A lot of times in homeless services, […]

Another week, another media storm ignited over a person in media having an opinion. This week, it was ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who called the president a white supremacist. The White House, the most powerful institution in the world, responded that Hill should lose her job. But it’s not the only example. Editors from Politico, my […]

Last week in this space, I wrote about Hurricane Harvey. In the seven days since, an even bigger hurricane has devastated the Caribbean islands and Florida, a massive earthquake hit Mexico, we got a sense at what a megaflood in San Diego would look like (spoiler: not good!) and my parents and friends at home […]

It was a little more than a week ago that President Donald Trump stood before a crowd of cheering supporters, decried the media as “dishonest,” un-American and even suggested the crowd should turn on reporters. Fast-forward a few days, and a catastrophic storm hit Houston. On top of the countless government workers, law enforcement officers, […]

Cities across San Diego County and beyond are starting to grapple with whether pot businesses and other pot-related activities like cultivation and manufacturing should be allowed within their borders. Even if you broadly agree pot businesses should be allowed – and that’s a big if! – there are plenty of sticking points various governments will […]

Despite my love of and obsession with Twitter, I’m a big believer in the directive “Never tweet.” I don’t mean this literally, of course, because I tweet all the time. But it’s an incredibly powerful mantra in those moments when you’re overcome with rage, or vindictiveness, or both, and you know deep down you’ll regret having […]