The proposed stadium-convention center wouldn’t be a giveaway to a billionaire; it’s a public-private partnership in which both sides should contribute and both should expect benefits. San Diegans should vote based on the project’s benefits and economic returns for San Diego, not on animosity toward billionaires or any particular one.

While it’s true that seawater desalination is currently more expensive than traditional imported supplies, it is also far more reliable. Traditional imported supplies the Water Authority receives via MWD are becoming increasingly expensive and are regularly impacted by drought and the effect of our changing climate. This makes the value of the highly reliable supplies from the Carlsbad plant something that can’t be underestimated.

While much of the fight against the desalination plant has focused on the devastating environmental harm to marine life and huge output of greenhouse gasses, this recognition from the Taxpayers Association really has environmentalists scratching our collective head.