Bilingual education in California suffered a major blow when Proposition 227 passed nearly 20 years ago. Proposition 58 will fix Prop. 227’s mistakes. The measure proposes access and equity to bilingual education programs for all students in California, both those who enter public schools needing to learn English, and English-only speaking students who want to learn a second language. […]

Andrew Keatts’ recent piece on Measure K, which would eliminate the city of San Diego’s election rules that allows for a candidate to win with over 50 percent of the vote in the June primary, was presented as if this issue is one about business vs. labor, Republican vs. Democrat. It is not. Most simply, […]

The same old arguments against desalination keep getting resurrected: It’s too expensive, too energy intensive, plus wastewater recycling and conservation by themselves can solve the drought problem. When put in the context of climate change, imported water and perpetual drought, none of these arguments make sense. Climate scientists are unequivocally telling Southern Californians to prepare […]

The proposed stadium-convention center wouldn’t be a giveaway to a billionaire; it’s a public-private partnership in which both sides should contribute and both should expect benefits. San Diegans should vote based on the project’s benefits and economic returns for San Diego, not on animosity toward billionaires or any particular one.