Traditionally, young voter turnout in California has been notoriously low. Only 8 percent of college-age students voted in 2014, according to the California secretary of state. To increase young voter turnout, California passed two laws: One signed in 2009 allowed 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the next election to register to vote, another signed […]

Lisa Halverstadt’s report, The Story Behind the Conflicting Convadium Predictions, provides clear explanations of many of the differences between the HVS and Chargers studies of the impact of the proposed convadium project. These are complicated reports and it is no small task to sort through them. But, some further explanations are needed. The two studies […]

In several critical respects, the Vikings went in the exact opposite direction of Chargers owner Dean Spanos to get a new stadium built. Had Spanos followed their template, Measure C might have emerged as something semi-plausible instead of the taxpayer nightmare now on the ballot.