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On the podcast this week, we break down San Diego Unified’s big grad rate announcement, and how the district chose to obliquely respond to our reporting. Plus, the lead proponents for and against San Diego’s major pension reform initiative joined the show to talk about this week’s big court ruling.

San Diego’s 5-year-old pension reform measure is legal, a California appellate court ruled this week. Proponents and opponents of the plan agree on one thing: The ruling could have major repercussions throughout the state. They just disagree on whether that’s good or bad. Voters in 2012 approved Proposition B, freezing employees’ pensionable pay for five […]

Two retired Sweetwater school district administrators kept drawing pension checks even as they resumed full-time work leading the district under six-figure consultant contracts. The state now wants some of that money back. Their cases represent some of the first local effects of a state pension crackdown.