The ultimate goal of any probation department is to successfully rehabilitate offenders. That might make Adolfo Gonzales, San Diego County’s new chief probation officer and a career law enforcement officer, seem an unusual choice. In a Q-and-A, Gonzales says his focus has always been on “intervention and prevention before suppression and enforcement.”

San Diego State lecturer Alan Hoffman has created a plan for public transit in San Diego that could put more stations where people need them and get them to their destinations faster. It’d cost less than current plans too. The only downside: It has zero chance of happening.

Bills written by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, who represents southeastern San Diego, would force police departments to collect racial data on people they pull over, document use of force incidents and regulate policy body cameras. In a Q-and-A, she talks about her motivations for policing the police.

In San Diego and throughout Southern California, blacks are much more likely than people of other races to be the victims of violent crime. In a Q-and-A, L.A. Times reporter Jill Leovy, author of a new book on urban crime, says solving old murders deters people from taking the law into their own hands.

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