North County Transit District Chief Matthew Tucker laid out the case for funding transit improvements in North County through a potential ballot item to raise the TransNet tax this week in a commentary published by the Union-Tribune. “To maintain our quality of life in this region, we must have a comprehensive transportation toolbox that includes highway […]

The Metropolitan Transit System is trying to build a new bus yard and it has nothing to do with attempts to build a downtown convadium. MTS has five large facilities where it stores and maintains buses around the county. Within the next 10 years, the agency will need a sixth facility. This is all unrelated […]

San Diego State lecturer Alan Hoffman has created a plan for public transit in San Diego that could put more stations where people need them and get them to their destinations faster. It’d cost less than current plans too. The only downside: It has zero chance of happening.

San Diego’s leaders like to talk about how dedicated they are to smart growth – urban development that focuses new jobs and homes in walkable, transit-friendly city centers. In fact, smart growth is essentially the main goal in most every planning document created for urban San Diego over the last several years. Despite the rhetoric and the official plans, it’s not […]

San Diego’s neighborhoods and governments came in dead last in a study about transit-oriented development around trolley stops. Local leaders in recent years have continued to profess their support for smart growth, but their decisions tell a different story.

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