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At the end of 2015, San Diego County had 114 breweries and brewpubs – only two of which were in the South Bay. Citing low incomes and its minority-majority population, some brewers, sales representatives and distributors have assumed residents there only have taste buds for Bud Light, Corona and Dos Equis. A recent boom in breweries and tasting rooms is proving them wrong.

After Ditas Yamane’s involvement in a matter where the proper use of taxpayer funds was brought into question, she is now running for treasurer of National City, a position that oversees the management, budgeting and use of the city and taxpayer funds. Yamane said the case isn’t reflective of her abilities to serve as city treasurer.

Students are fleeing the South Bay school in droves. Experts say the school-choice program that kick-started the exodus helps disenfranchised communities, but it also provokes a chicken-egg dilemma: How can suffering schools improve if students keep jumping ship?