In separate lawsuits, two women have leveled serious accusations against powerful local labor leader Mickey Kasparian. Meanwhile, a handful of former employees have stepped forward to say Kasparian polices union staff and the San Diego political landscape through bullying and fear, and that he mistreats women specifically. Kasparian denies all of the allegations.

In this week’s podcast, Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis talk about the vote-wrangling between Councilman David Alvarez and Councilwoman Myrtle Cole to become the next Council president. Also: A determined new coalition says it wants to solve the region’s affordable housing crisis.

Local school board elections saw unprecedented spending this season from the state’s biggest charter school advocacy group, California Charter Schools Association, as well as heavy spending from teachers unions, as both sides vied for more control over the local boards of education that determine which charter schools are allowed to operate.