Dear Mr. Levitt,

Thank you for your report. Since I hadn’t been tracking the water/wastewater issues as closely as the pension matters, I found those sections enlightening.

I know we’re not supposed to talk about your bill, so please accept my apology if I’m offending you. During the investigation, your firm was not willing to provide full billing data because it could affect your investigation. As a compromise, you provided bills with the subject matter/names redacted. Well, now that the investigation is over, we would all like to see the unredacted bills. I suspect there are many of us who are interested in just how our $20,300,000 was spent.

One other thing … why did you allow Mr. Aguirre to bait you? He was acting like a jerk and you were looking pretty darn professional right up until you lost it. There are lots of other ways you could have handled that. At $900/hour, I suspect you have those skills. Maybe you were jet lagged.

I have a few more questions and comments about the report, but have to run now. I’ll be back in touch. Maybe we can become pen pals?

- April Boling

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    Written by K Hernandez