Well, this is a panel discussion. Except you don’t have to go anywhere to see it and you don’t have to write your question on a note card and give it to someone to give to the moderator.

Send it to me (this excellent primer to help provide a basis for both how we price water, what we should be aiming for when setting a rate structure, and what other entities have done successfully.

So here’s how it works. Here are the panelists: Richard Carson, a professor and former chairman of the economics department at UCSD. His introductory “remarks” are here. You’ll want to read them because he flat out declares that there is no water shortage.

Lynn Reaser is the chief economist at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her first piece is here. “Economics 101 teaches that a good priced too low encourages wasteful consumption and inadequate investment in infrastructure. Water has clearly been priced this way.”

Our third panelist is Erik Bruvold, the president of the National University System Institute for Policy Research. His introduction is here. To him, it’s frustrating: “… the reluctance of the city of San Diego to move toward such a pricing scheme is, to be blunt, inexplicable.”

Please feel free to comment underneath their posts. Each day, I’ll send them questions culled from my own observations and yours. And we’ll post the responses as often and as soon as we can. Try to keep the discussion civil.


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    Written by K Hernandez


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