We’ve decided to include all our efforts to understand the 2016 election under the banner of San Diego Decides. As part of that, I’ll be writing a biweekly look at what’s happening in the races facing San Diego voters in 2016. It’ll include new reporting, follow-ups on bigger stories, and a round-up of other coverage […]

“In America, politicians should not pick their voters; voters should pick their politicians,” President Barack Obama said earlier this month. He pointed out that neither side is free from blame. The majority party tends to think the status quo works just fine, while the minority party wants to make a change. To the president’s point, […]

Crowdpac, a new site launching in several cities across the country, has generated some attention for its sometimes strange rankings of the most liberal and conservative local politicians. But what’s most interesting about the site is how it plans to make money. It is trying to do to local politics what Kickstarter did to startups.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia explain how one group of voters can swing the 52nd Congressional District race for Rep. Scott Peters or Carl DeMaio.

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