Sunday, Aug. 20, 2006 | Brian Maienschein’s letter to the U-T, in which he claims that he was too stupid to know that his votes contravened, in his words, “moral responsib(ity)” is more evidence that he, and the rest of the council, are indeed criminals, unfit to continue in office, guilty of not only moral infractions, but of turning the government of San Diego into a weapon of the rich: their city, not ours.

In instance after instance, on the pension fraud, the waste system scams, the Padres stadium, the Republican convention, the council acted in secret, not because of some cult of secrecy, but because they sought to obscure the fact that they are just shills for wealth, not merely immoral, not simply illegal, but as enemies of the mass of people in the city.

Attempts to disconnect the past, present, and future, as in the call to “move forward,” won’t work. I will not pay a penny to make up for the betrayal of the city council, not even when they are all rightly jailed. If there is a fund to be recompensed, tax the rich. The Racketeer Influenced Crime Organization laws offer the opportunity to file civil charges, leading to considerable damage fees. That the San Diego City Council is, indeed, not a real arm of government, but a racket in which members conspired to commit crimes, is abundantly clear. Perhaps some eager lawyer will find that law an appealing lever.

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    Written by Voice of San Diego