In response to Prop. D Supporters Making Big Last Minute Changes:

This is not “changing” Proposition D. The task force did an independent analysis of the measure, and said Prop. D would work to permanently eliminate San Diego’s structural budget deficit if executed properly — meaning that the city follows sound budget principles. As Jay Goldstone said at the news conference, these recommendations are in keeping with the mayor’s basic philosophy on budgeting, and he intends to follow them. (If you look at the budgets from the mayor’s earliest days in office till now, he has followed the basic principles of paying down debt, addressing deferred maintenance, fully funding the city’s obligations and reforming/streamlining to reduce expenses.)

The upshot is that the mayor, City Council members Frye and Gloria, and these business leaders all agree with the recommendations contained in the analysis and are seeking to codify them through a council resolution. To the extent it helps the public understand the direction and intent of the City Council, this is a helpful addition to a measure that seeks to solve the structural deficit permanently through a combination of reform and temporary revenue.

But it is not a change to the ballot measure, and cannot accurately be characterized as such.

Rachel Laing is the communications director for the Yes on D campaign. She lives in Point Loma.

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    Written by Rachel Laing


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