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    Podcast Production Services

    New to podcasting? Need help with an existing podcast? VOSD’s professional editing and production team will help you create great sounding podcasts, save you time, and grow your audience.

    Voice of San Diego podcast studio

    Studio Rental: $100 per hour

    • Studio space
    • Professional studio engineer
    • Professional microphones
    • All Adobe Audition files or exported mp3


    Basic Production: $250 per hour-long episode

    • Pre-production:
    • Pre-production story crafting
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Training podcasts and materials
    • Support setting up your hosting service (Libsyn, etc.)
    • Pre-production:
    • Mixing your intro and outro with segments
    • Editing of errors flagged by creators
    • Adding any commercials, clips or special audio segments you provide
    • Final mastering of your show
    • Mixing to MP3

    À La Carte Services

    • Support setting up Libsyn feed / $45
    • Producing intro/outro segment / $200
    • Finding podcast-safe music intro/outro / $30
    • Uploading file to hosting service / $30/upload
    • Producing ads/sponsorship calls / $100
    • Field recordings / $80/hour
    • Adding sound effects / $45


    • VOSD ad package / $1000-1500/month
    • (Includes ROS ads, newsletter ad placement)
    • Preroll ads on VOSD podcasts / $100/show
    • Midroll ads on VOSD podcasts / $50/show
    • Newsletter ads / $500/month
    • Graphic design / logo creation / $100/hour
    • Sponsored posts on social media / prices vary 


    Produce your best podcast ever.
    Contact podcast@voiceofsandiego.org to get started.