One of the biggest crowds at Politifest was at the debate over Measure C, the Chargers’ plan to build a convadium in East Village.

City Councilman Chris Cate, architect Rob Quigley and former San Diego Economic Development Corp. CEO Julie Meier-Wright argued against the measure; while Chargers adviser Marcela Escobar-Eck, the San Diego Stadium Coalition’s Jason Riggs and Save Our Bolts’ Thomas Powell made a case for it.

Download audio of the Measure C debate here.

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    Phillip Franklin
    Phillip Franklin subscriber

    This was a joke.  First and foremost the city will be obligated by the laws of the State of California to payoff any bonded debt ... revenue or otherwise PERIOD.  Thus the courts will force the taxpayers of any California city to cover the cost associated with these bonds regardless of what the Chargers and their backer write in some silly document.  This may force the city into financial re-organization and thus cut other programs such as fire and police to cover this indebtedness.  That is the law. Chris Cate knows this.