VoiceofSanDiego.org was made possible by the following technologies, companies, people and organizations.

The Content Management System is WordPress.

The WordPress Theme is called “The Fold.” It has been created by Realtidbits for news organizations. It is based on Largo, a theme developed by the Investigative News Network, of which VoiceOfSanDiego.org is a member. The Fold uses a number of open-source and proprietary plug-ins with news publishing workflows and community building in mind.

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet “skin” designed by Realtidbits and Ashley Lewis. It uses the Foundation UI framework.

Realtime comments, forums, pinboard, and gallery are powered by Realtidbits.

Follows, activity feed and notifications menu are powered by IdeaMelt. 

Social Login powered by Janrain. 

Email notifications are powered by Embarke. 

Video Comments are powered by TokBox. Image uploading is powered by Chute.

The Fold WordPress theme and its development are owned and supported by Realtidbits.

WordPress hosting, systems administration and network support courtesy of LAMPhost.net. 



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