City and fire officials shut down The Glashaus in Barrio Logan last month due to code compliance and fire safety issues related to illegal construction inside the arts venue. Now, the artists who had studios there are struggling to find a place to go. The Glashaus opened as an arts venue back in 2009. It’s since hosted […]

City officials shut down The Glashaus in Barrio Logan this month due to fire and safety concerns and code compliance issues. Artists who rent studios in the space were given 30 days to move out, and they’re struggling to find a place to go. The issue has come to head at a time when there’s less affordable art studio space in San Diego than ever.

A popular art space in Barrio Logan is kicking out its resident artists at the end of the month. San Diego fire marshal inspectors and city code enforcement last year found safety problems and code violations at The Glashaus, which houses several art studios and a gallery. City and fire officials told Matt Devine, the artist who holds […]

Everyone agrees Barrio Logan is changing. The friction comes from discussions over how the change should take shape, and whether it’s a bad thing. In the final episode of Culturecast Season 1, artists, architects and developers weigh in on what people should be doing to address gentrification.

Episode four of Culturecast, VOSD’s podcast covering the intersection of arts and gentrification in Barrio Logan, explores community members’ fears that Barrio Logan will follow the same trajectory as East Village if the Chargers get their new downtown stadium. They say the arts scene that’s been flourishing in and around Barrio Logan will die if the stadium’s built.