It’s easy to retrospectively point out areas where San Diego’s last four superintendents fell short. It’s much more difficult to take each lesson and apply it to the current state of the district.

Superintendent Cindy Marten has inspired the San Diego Unified School District from the start. But those who’ve observed her efforts to transform the district say there are trade-offs to consider with what she’s doing.

The state is rolling out its new plan for divvying up education funds. The gist: The state will give districts more money to pay for needier students who cost more to educate.

The county’s largest school district has a bold new plan for assessing schools, but actually implementing that plan is unlikely to happen any time soon.

A look back at the issues we’ve covered in the local education world this year.

The governor’s new taxes, which narrowly passed on Tuesday night, will prevent massive cuts to education funding, but local education leaders cautioned that it’s not a permanent fix to the state’s budget woes.

Statement: “[H]e became vice-principal at a middle school. But he was fired as an ‘ineffective campus leader,'” states a mailer paid for by the American Federation of Teachers. Determination: Huckster Propaganda