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District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis had sat out the race for months even though Robert Hickey is one of her employees and the only Republican in the race. Her announcement comes five days after a committee supporting Hickey’s opponent, Democrat Mara Elliott, put out a YouTube ad attacking Hickey for failing to garner Dumanis’ endorsement.

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis has said his office, and the San Diego County district attorney’s office, will both investigate a shooting that took place Tuesday in which a black man killed by police. As that process plays out, here’s what we know about when an officer can legally shoot someone, how the DA approaches the release of shooting videos and how San Diego officers who’ve killed people have been handled in previous cases.

In a sworn deposition obtained by Voice of San Diego, San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder said he did not face any internal discipline or reprimand following an April 2015 incident in which he shot and killed an unarmed, mentally ill man. Browder also said that he was never interviewed by anyone in the district attorney’s office, or anyone in internal affairs, although both offices investigated the incident.

When journalists have asked District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis about her connection to José Susumo Azano Matsura, the Mexican citizen charged with illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to San Diego political campaigns, she’s consistently said she knows very little about Azano. “What is clear to me is that there is nothing that suggests that I’ve done anything wrong […]

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ upcoming appearance in the trial of José Susumo Azano Matsura is probably the most anticipated moment of the case. Dumanis has consistently misrepresented the extent of her relationship with Azano since the campaign finance scandal unfolded. When Dumanis is called to testify in the case, here are some of the biggest questions we’re hoping she’ll answer.