Immigration to the U.S. from Mexico might soon slow even without a wall, but companies are clamoring to build one anyway. Plus: More violence in Tijuana, ongoing fallout over the sewage spill, journeying to the U.S. in video game form and more in our biweekly roundup of news from the border.

The international border between San Diego and Tijuana has long spurred artists to make work that comments and reflects on it. Border art can offer harsh criticisms or nuanced perspectives on the politics surrounding the fence, often commenting on how officials handle the people who cross it. Now that President Donald Trump and his desire to build a border […]

There’s been an uptick in art projects happening at the border now that President Donald Trump is in office. With so much attention on the border, it’s worth taking a quick look at some of the art that’s attempted to tackle the prickly issues surrounding it. Here are 20 instances of gutsy, controversial art that has explored the border.

Voice of San Diego sat down with Mahmoud Issa and Mohammad Mohammad, two men who last year fled war-torn Syria, where they worked together at a hospital. They traveled through 11 countries — including a harrowing detour lost in a Colombian jungle, and several detention stints — before they landed at the U.S. border and requested asylum. They’ve been detained at Otay Mesa for seven months as they await an answer.