A new measure being pushed by Cory Briggs and Donna Frye would remake downtown and the city’s hotel-room tax system unlike any proposal in the decade-plus since two proposals to increase the tax failed at the ballot box. The proposal seems to have left San Diego’s elite tongue-tied. Why? Well, one part of the measure is innovative, if not genius. It’s the same part, though, that’s legally shaky.

On this week’s podcast, Caty Green and Andy Keatts tackled what could set San Diego’s political stage for 2016, the role a urinal plays in the DeMaio scandal and some coincidental demotions in the district attorney’s office.

On this week’s San Diego Explained, Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia explain how one group of voters can swing the 52nd Congressional District race for Rep. Scott Peters or Carl DeMaio.