The city’s Climate Action Plan has won national praise for its ambitious goals and enforcement mechanisms. But when the plan was being written in 2014, city staffers said one of the plan’s main goals wasn’t based on anything and that they didn’t think the city had any real chance of reaching it, according to emails released by the city as part of a public records request.

As the county rewrites its Climate Action Plan, it’s simultaneously considering several big developments that could impact the environment. Environmentalists are concerned the projects would make it impossible for the county to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets the state says it needs to meet by 2030.

The city’s gotten countless accolades for pledging to stop using fossil fuels. Turns out that promise in the city’s Climate Action Plan comes with a big caveat: San Diego’s not totally breaking up with natural gas. Our Andrew Keatts found the plan doesn’t count the natural gas we use to heat up our homes, dinners […]

City attorney candidate Mara Elliott has walked back a claim that the city’s Climate Action Plan is not legally enforceable. But in the process, she might have revealed just how hard it would be for any group of lawyers and their clients to sue the city and win.