The city wants to purchase a hotel near Imperial Beach to convert into a transitional housing facility. But the state’s Coastal Commission has said the project runs the risk of violating its requirement that cities preserve cheap hotel rooms near the beach. City Councilman David Alvarez alerted the agency to the project, which is in his district.

Rep. Duncan Hunter is still racking up questionable campaign expenses, Coastal Commission rejects Encinitas’ plan for the Coastal Rail Trail, the L.A. Times profiles the man who’s upending election systems in Oceanside and Vista and more in our weekly roundup of news from North County.

“If you built it, hopefully they won’t come” seems to be the Coastal Commission’s answer to San Diego International Airport’s request to build a massive parking garage on North Harbor Drive. Airport officials said in 2009 the structure wasn’t needed.

The community currently includes an unhealthy mix of residential, commercial and industrial uses mingling together on a block-by-block basis. The first order of business is separating those uses.